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We cover most of areas with Driving Lessons, We will teach you the skills required to stay safe on the roads and get your Licence.

We do realise just how difficult and confusing it can be for you to find a good quality driving instructor in Adelaide, all we can say is that we are fully qualified MDI with an excellent pass rate. Our main objective with every Learner is to teach them to drive to a very high standard and in a relaxed, safe, positive and safe manner in calm environment.


There are lots of driving schools in Adelaide that charge very similar prices. However please be aware that teaching methods can vary such a lot. Our promise to you is that we will try our hardest to make you into a good and safe driver as quickly as we can.

Throughout your training We use good quality training aids, diagrams and photos that can really help you understand the lesson topic. We use log book method to teach different components of driving and then assessing each component as the student performs it properly. We also make record on Learner's Personal Booklet to check individual understanding & homework before next lesson.

At the beginning of your training, we put a lot of emphasis on you being able to control the car properly which includes moving, stopping, steering etc then we deal with the more complicated junctions and hazards.

After learning how to control the car properly in all different situations. we will then concentrate on the set control exercises, such as reversing around corners, parallel parking, bay parking and the turn in the road.

Before taking a VORT, We’ll take you at similar roads and situations, this is something you will be asked to do on your test and is known as independent driving. Prior to your test we’ll often do mock exam which will prepare you for your real driving test with an examiner.


  • Get into P's from L

  • Overseas Licence conversions

  • Preparation for VORT (Vehicle on Road Test)

  • Parents/Carers welcome to come along

  • Door to door service

  • Lessons specifically tailored to suit the individual needs of the driver for maximum success and confidence